Wholesale True Blue Flowers

Wholesale True Blue Flowers

It is not very common to see blue wholesale flowers in nature. Blue flowers represent confidence, trust and unity. That’s why may flowers are tinted in order to achieve a blue color. You’ll also see some varieties fashion the word blue in their names but they come up being purple or lavender. This can be a disappointing thing for a bride looking for that little blue thing to add to her arrangements.

When it comes to a true natural blue, we have the following recommendations:

Sea Waltz Dark Blue Delphinium

Delphiniumhas numerous blue flowers that bloom along its long stem.You’ll finde the perfect royal blue in this variety.

It a fantastic wholesale flower to give height and color to centerpieces.

Hydrangea Hulk Blue Antique

One of the flowers that has come to its hype recently is flower is theWholesale Hydrangea. Whether you are using dark blue, antique blue, or light blue, the hydrangea’s large head offers the perfect addition to your arrangement.

Agapanthus Blue

Blue agapanthus is a beautiful long flower that dates back to ancient times. And its perfect if trying to set a charming, countryside feeling to your event. Remember this one is made for long arrangements.

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