Which Flowers Should you Buy for Mother’s Day?

Which Flowers Should you Buy for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is approaching fast, in fact, it is only about 10 days away. We want to make you are not caught off-guard. Mother’s Day is a day to remember our mothers and recognize the importance of their role in our lives. Whether it’s your birth mother, your grandmother, the mother of your children or a sibling, it is important to show them how much they mean to you.

A few years ago, carnations were the floral symbol of Mothers Day. There’s the popular belief that carnations were born from the tears of the Virgin Mary, however, many other flowers have become increasingly popular for this special day.

Here are our Mother’s Day favorites:


Roses are another popular wholesale flowers for Mother’s Day, its colors represent a variety of different things. This type of flowers has been used to show our feelings for hundreds of years, that makes roses a perfect gift for mothers day. For your wife you can choose some, Red roses which typically represent romantic love. A deep pink color would be great for your mom, as this displays gratitude and love. Yellow would be a good gift for a friend, as it represents joy and happiness.


Tulips are the quintessential spring flowers, making them a right choice for Mother’s Day. They symbolize happiness, comfort and relaxation (a few things all moms deserve).


Mums are the flower of innocence and typically represent purity and/ or overall happiness. Their blooming sun shape and vibrant colors make them a desired flower, especially for mothers. Brighten her special day with a bunch of fresh daisies!

This year, make sure to remember all the mothers in your life and give them something special. Whether it is a bouquet of fresh flowers or something else, we are sure she will absolutely love it!

Don’t forget to shop for a wide variety of wholesale fresh flowers. Remember, these are just a few of the flowers we have available here at Wholesale Flowers, so don’t box yourself in with only these ideas!

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