Appreciating Beauty with Red Roses in Valentine’s Day

Whomever that beautiful person is in your life is, the classically beautiful Red Freedom Roses for Valentine’s Day is sure to win their hearts. Long-stem red roses are found in homes and brought on dates as a symbol of love and promises, and they are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

In the Wholesale Flowers Store, we carry the best red roses fresh from the farms in Colombia and Ecuador, offering the best combination of price and quality.

If you want to tone down the romance feel and send a cheerful “thinking of you” flower arrangement, ask us about the different colored roses we have in stock. Pink Roses represents gratitude. Orange roses represents passion. White roses are symbolic for spirituality, and yellow roses symbolizes friendship.

Whatever the message, long-stem roses smell great, look classy and bring a smile to the face of those who receive them, and remember, the longer the stem, the bigger the bloom. Please don’t go picking roses on your own. Roses are indeed beautiful, but they have thorns to protect them. We’re pretty sure that doesn’t fall under the category, “Beauty is pain.”

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