8 Biggest Mistakes You Make With Fresh Cut Flowers

8 Biggest Mistakes You Make With Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh flowers are a speedy way to decorate any area in your property. But take the time to avoid the mistakes that diminish your bouquet’s beautifying power.

1. Moving forward choosing blooms

We are all for creativity, but in case you’re unsure of your attention for arranging, keep it simple. “Try choosing flowers in a single colour,” states Eric Buterbaugh, chief floral designer in The Bouqs. “I think that they’re more sophisticated and visually powerful.

2. Not placing your blossoms in warm water ASAP

Do not plop your bouquet on the counter and then go off to answer a dozen mails. “It is very important to moisturize your flowers immediately to preserve their integrity,” says Valerie Ghitelman, floral merchandising director at 1-800-Flowers.

3. Cutting the stems straight across

“Stems should be cut at an angle with a sharp clean set of clippers,” says Ghitelman.

4. Trimming your stems too brief or long

Here is a fantastic rule of thumb: The vase should be about two-thirds the height of the total arrangement to properly support your flowers. Trim your stalks accordingly.

5. Forgetting to remove the leaves

Leaves or other foliage should not fall under the water . Otherwise, they’ll produce a bacterial build-up which can prevent water from going up the stem to hydrate the blossoms.

6. Skipping the package that comes with your bouquet

“The packet of floral food helps preserve cleanliness,” states Ghitelman.

7. Sticking your vase in a super-sunny spot

We know, you want your bouquet to live in the brightest spot in your own room. But it simply won’t last as long the heat of direct sunlight. And the same goes for placing it too close to a heating or air-conditioning vent.

8. Arranging your blossoms… then totally forgetting about them

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