5 Steps to Beautiful Wedding Flowers

5 Steps to Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Everyone has heard wedding horror stories surrounding the selection of floral arrangements and their presentation on The Big Day.  Nightmares about the delivery of the wrong species, the wrong colors, improper bouquets, or worst of all, no flowers at all, can plague even the most organized of couples.

Getting inspired. 

Visit gardens, browse flower catalogues and wedding books, and take careful note of the decor at any events you attend in order to get an idea of what you do and don’t like.

Choose florists early, but carefully. 

Recommendations come from experience, so asking friends and family can lead you to reliable florists, and help you steer clear of questionable companies.  Wedding websites, bridal magazines, and the phone book are great sources as well, but be sure to do your homework before making your final choice.

Establish a budget. 

Floral expenses can soar out of control if you don’t keep track of the dollars and cents.  Be sure to work within your limits and make your florist aware of how much you’d like to spend.  Most can work magic with little funds.

Make an appointment. 

Everything may be about you on your wedding day but florists can be extremely busy people, so having them pencil in special time for you alone will be more effective than trying to shove your way to the front of the line in a busy shop.  It will also give you the chance to spend some time delving into the background and experience of each candidate.

Reserve Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your flowers in order.  Busy florists are often booked a year in advance and producing a plan that works for both the couple and the designer often requires a good deal of discussion.

Get it in writing. 

Signing a contract can be the most important part of wedding flowers, as it is physical proof of the agreements you’ve come to.  Everything from colors, date and time of delivery, number and type of arrangements, the total cost, and acceptable alternatives should be covered by the document to protect you from disappointment.

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